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Hi! I'm Anna.

I am a yoga teacher, movement specialist and am a mom to 3 boys! I focus primarily on bringing self-care practices to the workplace. My 

services include customized classes in yoga, functional movement, self-massage, meditation and mindfulness. My career started out in the corporate world and during that time yoga was my tool for exercise, stress relief and developing the mindfulness skill of shifting my awareness into the present moment.

I will never forget the first time I was completely present and embodied for the entire duration of a 90 minute class: mind, body, and energy aligned in the present. The experience created a shift, a spark, an awakening within me. That type of presence and alignment is what I strive to cultivate in every class I lead.


I completed a 200 hour training and certification with Octopus Garden Yoga Centre in Toronto and started teaching in 2007, while still working in the corporate world. This planted the seed for me to eventually move back to Waterloo and become a full-time yoga teacher. I’ve taught thousands of classes at various locations over the years, and since 2014, have primarily focused on workplace wellness. I now run lunch hour and before work yoga programs within the Waterloo region.


In 2016 I completed the Yoga Tune Up® training. That approach to ‘yoga for the 21st century body’ and myofascial release led me to my most current area of study: Chain Reaction® biomechanics. In January 2017 I enrolled in a 40 week mentorship program with the Gray Institute®, learning the principles of Applied Functional Science® and Functional Manual Reaction®. Its unique 3 dimensional approach to movement and biomechanics is quickly influencing and expanding my offerings in the classes I lead.

I currently offer weekly filmed 'Functional Movement Flow' classes, live classes in both yoga and meditation for special offerings and virtual conferences and also weekly 15 minute workplace desk stretches.

I am beyond grateful to be in this space of movement and wellness that I am so passionate about and look forward to connecting with you to talk about how my services can enhance your workplace wellness programming, events and studio offerings.


With Gratitude,


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