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Workplace Wellness List of Services:

Functional Movement Flow

An all levels practice that fluidly links movement with breath in a functional way, sequenced purposefully to gain maximum benefits. There will be an anatomical focus in each class and the movement style is a fusion of traditional yoga poses, and a blend of functional mobility and stability (strengthening) with the occasional use of therapy balls for self-massage.

This session is designed to bring mobility and stability into the body, clarity to the mind and awareness to the breath.

The Role Model Method® (Self-Massage)

The Role Model Method® is a self-care fitness format. With various-sized therapy balls, the method provides soft-tissue conditioning using self-myofascial release. This includes breath work, check-in, re-check, elements of alignment, anatomy instruction and mental awareness.

Pain is an epidemic. It prevents you from performing at your best because it robs you of concentration and power. But pain

is  preventable, treatable and within your grasp to heal. 

Option #1- A different anatomical focus each week such as glutes, rotator cuff, back, upper legs, lower legs, and feet.

Option #2- Head, neck, shoulders, upper back.


15 Minute Mindfulness + Meditation

A series of 15 minute meditations designed to combat stress and cultivate calm through several different effective approaches and techniques. This session will start with a few minutes of movement and gentle stretching before settling into a comfortable seated position for the mindfulness and meditation practice. No previous experience necessary.


Online Services:

Functional Movement Flow
A weekly customized 45-60 minute functional movement yoga practice filmed weekly to have accessible to employees while working from home to help encourage movement and stress release. 

Mindfulness + Meditation
A weekly 15 minute Zoom Mindfulness + Meditation for up to 100 employees. This practices opens with a few minutes of movement and then various mindfulness exercises leading into a mantra meditation, followed by gratitude and mindfulness to conclude.

15 Minute Desk Stretch
Include a desk stretch in the agenda of your meeting to re-energize the team through movement. A jam-packed thorough and fluid sequence that begins with a few moments of mindfulness. Book a single session or a series.
Choose from the following anatomical focus:
1. Full Body
2. Head, neck, back
3. Shoulders
4. Hips

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness or Breath-work for Virtual Conferences
A customized pre-recorded or live class to be a part of your next virtual conference.

Online & In-Person Services:

Special Events
Connect with me to make a yoga and/or meditation practice a part of your event, whether it be in person or via Zoom. Women's events/retreats, birthday's, anniversary's, girls night, or just because!


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